Newsletter archive 2019

(18.02.2019) Complete Results of Grand Prix 2019 in France and Kuwait

(15.02.2019) ISSF Rifle/Pistol Judges Course Level “B” in Minsk (BLR)

(04.02.2019) 2019 European Games: Quota Place Distribution (as on February 1st, 2019)

(29.01.2019) Over thirty-four years with the ISSF shooting movement, over 200 issues “ISSF NEWS” and all issues “ISSF TV” with editor WOLFGANG SCHREIBER. Thanks a lot Mr. WOLFGANG SCHREIBER!!!

(24.01.2019) Interview with ISSF President Vladimir Lisin

(17.01.2019) Medals of Ukraine since 1993 year (Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun / Running Target)