Newsletter archive 2019

(05.06.2019) New website of “MORINI” is live now…

(01.06.2019) Complete results from ISSF World Cup Munich 2019 (Rifle & Pistol)

(31.05.2019) Quota Places and New World Records from ISSF World Cup Munich 2019 (Rifle & Pistol)

(18.05.2019) ISSF World Cup in Changwon for Shotgun and Belarusian Open Tournament in Minsk for Rifle & Pistol

(01.05.2019) ISSF World Ranking & Qualification System of Games of the XXXII Olympiad 2020

(28.04.2019) Complete Results and Quota Places from ISSF World Cup Beijing 2019 (Rifle & Pistol)

(17.04.2019) ISSF World Cup Shotgun in Al Ain (UAE)

(02.04.2019) Complete Results of the 12th Asian Championship 10m in Chinese Taipei (TPE) and the 7th Grand Prix Jozef Zapedzki in Wroclaw (POL)

(01.04.2019) GEHMANN (GER) – The company background // Top Results of Current Olympic Cycle 2017-2020

(27.03.2019) Complete Results of the Air European Championship in Osijek (CRO), 18-24 March

(27.02.2019) Quota Places from ISSF World Cup New Delhi 2019 (Rifle & Pistol)

(18.02.2019) Complete Results of Grand Prix 2019 in France and Kuwait

(15.02.2019) ISSF Rifle/Pistol Judges Course Level “B” in Minsk (BLR)

(04.02.2019) 2019 European Games: Quota Place Distribution (as on February 1st, 2019)

(29.01.2019) Over thirty-four years with the ISSF shooting movement, over 200 issues “ISSF NEWS” and all issues “ISSF TV” with editor WOLFGANG SCHREIBER. Thanks a lot Mr. WOLFGANG SCHREIBER!!!

(24.01.2019) Interview with ISSF President Vladimir Lisin

(17.01.2019) Medals of Ukraine since 1993 year (Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun / Running Target)